• The founding of CCD in 1993 with an incredible grass roots effort started as a public/private partnership.

  • CCD took a leadership position and played an active role in spearheading the efforts to aggressively promote diversity in Scottsdale.

  • In fact, Scottsdale was the first city outside of Phoenix to host its own annual MLK celebration. 

  • Since then, every major Arizona City hosts its own MLK event. 

  • Some 25 years later, this MLK celebration is widely viewed as the best in the valley and one that is the result of a true collaboration.  


CCD Celebrates 29

 Years of Respecting Diversity


Our Mission

CCD’s Mission is to enhance the perception and understanding of diversity, provide opportunities for citizens to recognize our similarities, to acknowledge our differences and to seek respect for the values of others and the oneness of humanity.


CCD’s Goal/Vision is to operate as a community collaborative that partners with other community leaders and organizations to provide a comprehensive approach in the celebration, recognition and the management of diversity. An additional goal is to make these efforts sustainable with an increased focus on our local youth and future community leaders. 

Our Vision & Goal



As CCD continues to grow, it is able to collaborate with other diversity organizations and develop partnerships that have resulted in the creation of additional scholarships and diversity programs.  The outreach and collaboration with organizations like Scottsdale Leadership, the Diversity Leadership Alliance, Health World, LaGran Fiesta, Scottsdale Unified School District, Scottsdale Community College, Scottsdale Cultural Council, and the City of Scottsdale has enabled CCD to enhance this communities understanding of diversity issues.



Thousand students

Years Celebrating






Diversity Champion


Providing a spotlight on the Scottsdale community showing its commitment to celebrating Dr. King’s legacy.

Given the opportunity and ability to interact with our national diversity speakers.

To local students to attend Arizona colleges and universities.

Were given to local community leaders supporting diversity issues in our community.